Our Plan

Our Plan is to engage communities through education and grassroots organizing with the goal of implementing the Civilian Led Policing model in cities across the country.

This is no easy task. Building a movement around systematic change will require mobilizing the grassroots in every city, big and small. That’s why we are building volunteer teams, both at the national and local level, to support the implementation efforts. We will also work both nationally and locally to educate people about policing, public services, and why the Civilian Led Policing model is the solution that their city needs. See below how we will go about implementing the model:

The most likely method of implementation will be via a city’s referendum/ballot initiative process. This will involve volunteers gathering the required amount of signatures for a piece of legislation written that fits the city. Once collected, the signatures will be submitted to the city in order to get the legislation on the ballot.

Another method we will approach is legislation by elected officials. If we get one, or several elected officials on board in a city, we will ask them to sponsor legislation. This will be accomplished through meetings and public pressure.

Getting candidates to put the model on their platform will help lead to legislation if that candidate is elected. It will also raise additional awareness for the model, supporting a referendum incase that candidate loses.

Some cities regularly have city charter reviews, in which we would have an opening to attempt to add the model to the charter for that city. This is a longer process that may be more difficult depending on the city, which is why it’s the last method we would approach implementation with.

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