About Us

Civilian Led Policing is a 501(c)(4) non-profit which aims to implement the Civilian Led Policing in cities across the United States through education and strong grassroots action.

The organization was founded in 2017 by a group of individuals who were tired of the status quo and believed in the potential of the Civilian Led Policing model proposed by former Baltimore Police Officer Michael A. Wood Jr. Since its founding, the organization has reached a wide range of people across the United States and even in other countries, helped out by its 42 city tour in the Summer of 2017. Today it relies on the grassroots assistance of volunteers to continue growing the movement for systematic police reform.

This movement isn’t about more incrementalist solutions that fall under the current system of policing. We believe that in order to allow for future reforms to succeed, we need to first implement a system that is for the people and by the people.

Education and Strong Grassroots Action

Only through education and strong grassroots action will we be able to implement systematic police reform. The Civilian Led Policing organization works in tandem with local/national organizations for both of these methods, while simultaneously building a volunteer infrastructure both at the national and local levels. If we are going to transform the lives of millions, we are going to need the help of every day people like you!

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